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If you are searching for New Beach Huts then Custom Timber Buildings' quality range of wooden beach huts are ideal for every seaside resort and specification required by local authorities, They are designed with quality, durability and affordability fixed in our minds.

Each and every beach hut is designed around the knowledge that timber beach huts are specific to individual locations, have multiple uses and need to last the test of time.

This is why we manufacture custom beach hut to the specifications you provide. There are timber beach huts for everyone at Custom Timber Buildings especially for those searching for 'New Wooden Beach Huts.

We work closely with local authorities and owners in the preparation, specification, design, finish and installation of our new beach huts to ensure the maximum satisfaction from the finished product. We also provide garden beach huts, garden sheds, wooden garages, timber workshops, horse stables, garden summerhouses, animal shelters, timber houses etc. We will design, manufacture, deliver & install timber buildings of any description. Your imagination is the only limitation!

Garden beach huts

We don't just make new beach hut for use at the coast, you could just as easily have timber beach huts situated within your garden. Of course we call these 'Garden Beach Huts' and are an inexpensive way of enjoying the most out of your garden surroundings.

Please give our experts a call on the telephone number below, of course in these high tech days you may prefer to enquire via E-mail, Facebook or Google+. We will ensure that you get the best timber beach huts at the lowest prices whether they are for enjoying the sea views and healthy sea air or relaxing next to your favourite flower beds ... whatever your timber building needs, we are here to help.

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Owning Timber Beach Huts Can Be An Added Household Expense...

Owning new beach huts can be an added annual expense. Effectively, a beach hut is held under a leasehold tenancy and as such is liable for ground rent payable via yearly licenses to the local controlling council. Additionally, if your hut is of the residential variety, then you are also likely to be responsible for a percentage of local authority council tax bills. Local councils have taken note recently of the demographics of new beach hut owners and have raised their rents accordingly. In some places around our coasts the rent now payable for beach huts is equivalent to the price of a good quality second hand car. But don't let this beach huts information put you off in any way...

New Beach Huts Are Great Fun

'Beach-hutters' have been maintaining and replacing wooden beach huts for what seems like aeons. Long waiting lists (sometimes very long!) in addition to spiralling transfer prices only goes to prove that the only thing to surpass being beside the seaside, is being there with a cup of hot cocoa - of course brewed inside your cosy beach hut, protected from temperamental sea breezes and the ever changing British weather. You can maintain your dignity by changing into your bathing undies in private, have a barbecue and sing-along with the neighbours whilst watching those all-important sporting events on your portable TV. - Beach Huts are there to make the most of the fun and frivolity to be had at the seaside, we are here to help make those fun times as comfortable as possible.

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New Wooden Beach Huts For Sale - UK Wide Delivery

  • ✅ Quality Shiplap Wooden Beach Huts
  • ✅ Large Huts & Small huts
  • ✅ Pressure Treated Timber
  • ✅ Marine Grade Plywood (If Used)
  • ✅ Sturdy Construction
  • ✅ BZP Tee Hinges
  • ✅ Security Conscious
  • ✅ Interiors Designed By Arrangement
  • ✅ Weather Shielded Undercoats
  • ✅ Fantastic Value For Money
  • ✅ Custom Made For Every Location
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