Green House – What is it and what we can do for you?

Let us get a brief understanding, of what exactly Green House is and what it can do for you? Green House is a building or complex in which Plants, Vegetables and Flowers are grown. The structure of the building varies in sizes as per the need. A miniature Green House is called the Cold Frame. Commercial Glass Green Houses are basically high tech production facilities to grow vegetables or flowers.

A greenhouse can be placed on almost any surface, but it should have adequate drainage system. In order to create an ideal surface, place a layer of landscape cloth on the area to be used — this will not let the weeds grow, but allow for drainage — and cover the cloth with 3 inches of 1/4-inch gravel.

Culpepper Greenhouse
Small Garden Green House

In addition to the frame of the greenhouse, there are many accessories that can be used along with it. As per your budget, you can add shelving, a mist system, a heating system, a fan, a tool rack, a potting bench and the list goes on. It all depends on what you actually need and what easily can fit in.

If you reside in a cold climate you may need to insulate your green house to provide warmth to plants. While a lot of sunshine would be available during the day time, an uninsulated greenhouse will cool off quickly at night. In this case, a heating system may be required.

Plants get too hot during a cold or cool weather, so good ventilation option in green house is crucial. Vents can be hand cranked, but you’ll need to monitor temperatures closely. You may also install temperature sensitive hydraulic vents that can automatically open or close. You may also install a fan which will keep the air moving through the Green House.

Gardening tools kept in the Green House should be cleaned and kept to avoid Pest problems in Green House.

Custom Timber Buildings Ltd has an excellent option when it comes to Green Houses. We can make customised green houses as per your choice and needs. All you have to do is call up our experts and we will help you out. We make the green houses and install at your house or in garden, as you want.

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