Field Shelters

A sturdy, durable product

When you have a half-ton of horse leaning against the walls of your building, or your building is standing out in the middle of a field with no protection from the elements, a flimsy construction with low quality materials is the last thing you want.

  • Field Shelters
  • Wooden Field Shelter
  • Mobile Field Shelter
  • Open Front Field Shelter
  • Mobile Field Shelter on Skids
A high quality, low cost wood, than means great value

We build our field shelters from first-grade Bulgarian spruce - of course, other wood options are available, but we find that nothing else matches it for value; other woods in the same price range (e.g. the Scandinavian spruce the many of our competitors use) are a lot weaker, while stronger timbers (e.g. oak) are a lot more expensive.

Sturdy construction from a reliable style

We clad our field shelters in an overlapping 'Country Cut' style, with a 20mm overlap between boards - this is a lot more sturdy than the 5mm overlap found in Tongue-and-Groove (T&G) clad field shelters, especially considering that many improperly treated T&G can shrink over time, resulting in much less than 5mm connection between boards.

A word about tanalising

Tanalising is a process intended to extend the lifespan of low quality wood, by trying to give it properties that high quality wood would naturally have. This is not as effective as using high quality wood, and can even have disadvantages such as promoting shrinkage and knot loss. This is why we choose to use high quality wood (our first-grade Bulgarian spruce), rather than tanalising inferior wood.

The natural advantages of wood

While we do also offer metal and composite buildings (it's your building, so why shouldn't you be able to choose the material you want), we will almost always recommend going with wood.

  • Double field shelter and open fronted store
  • Forest green field shelter
  • Mobile field shelter trailer unit
  • Double fieldshelter
  • Vetinary field shelter with opening pannels
Heat insulation

Wood has naturally insulative properties, so will keep your buildings warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer, in comparison, an uninsulated metal building will leak heat in the winter, and will turn into an oven during the summer - just think about standing under a hot tin roof.

Sound insulation

Wood also offers some sound insulation, which may not seem like a huge benefit, but some animals can become disturbed or upset by the loudness of hail or rain on a metal roof.

And more...

Wooden buildings are also often cheaper, more eco-friendly, and look better too, but don't just take our word for it, check out our image galleries.

Mobile building options

We offer several standard options for the mobility of your building:
:: No skid - The cheapest option, but you will not be able to move your building, and as it will count as a permanent structure, you may need planning permission.
:: Timber skid - This will give your building a very basic amount of movement, and will not require planning permission.
:: Metal skid - This will allow you to more easily move your building, and we recommend it if you intend to move your building short distances occasionally.
:: Metal skid on wheels - This option allows full and easier mobility of your building, and we would reccomend it if you intend to move your building over a long distance or on a regular basis.

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Tin Top' Field Shelters Check List

  • ✅ Heavy Duty Timber Framing
  • ✅ Custom Built Field Shelters Designed To Meet Budget Restrictions
  • ✅ Mobile Field Shelters Can Be Moved For Convenience
  • ✅ Choice of Wooden Cladding, Country Cut, Shiplap etc. in various thicknesses.
  • ✅ Choice of Roof Covering, Including Heavy Duty Felt, Tin, Insulated Tin, Onduline and Many Others.
  • ✅ Friendly, Down To Earth Advice & Assistance From Our Team Of Experts
  • ✅ Completely Customisable.
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