Mobile Field Shelters

Mobile Field Shelters On Skids Or Wheels Manufactured At Realistic Prices

Mobile Field Shelters

Mobile Field Shelters For Horses are made portable by sitting the buildings on either wooden or steel frames depending on the overall size and flexibility of movement that you require. We manufacture Mobile Field Shelters On Skids of either wood or steel in addition to offering Timber Field Shelters With Wheels.

Specialising in high quality stable manufacture, we've been manufacturing portable field shelters for equestrians for over 25 years. Custom Timber Buildings are makers of traditional and bespoke potable shelters and pride ourselves on our customer service and offer friendly, down to earth advice on all of our equestrian stables and field shelters for sale.

We also offer a range of Mobile Stables For Sale and a full explanation can be found by following the link.

Custom Built does not mean that it will be more expensive ... What you get for your money is a quality timber stable and customer service second to none, designed to meet your mobile stable or mobile field shelter needs precisely ... so please feel free to contact one of our advisors to see what we can do for you ... today!

The Benefits of Mobile Field Shelter ... Made Easy

Ever since equines have been tamed, horse and pony owners have sought out solutions to keep them warm, safe and guarded from the elements. While in the wild, horses will look for places to shelter once the weather conditions are too hot, cold, wet or they just need somewhere secure to relax. However, sometimes it is extremely hard for domesticated horses, unless they're fortunate enough to live in a paddock or field lined with mature trees and bushes. For that reason, for any domesticated animal, mobile shelters or mobile stables can be very therapeutic for their health, wellbeing and comfort.

Portable Field Shelters Gloucester

Horse shelters are usually an advantageous investment, in addition to a high-value affordable one, taking into consideration the degree of use the average shelter is certain to get in its lifetime. Horses, ponies and other animals have the ability to keep dry during bad weather, lowering the chance of rain scald, mud fever as well as other conditions linked to the cold and wet. They are going to also keep warmer, making it simpler so they can keep their condition and meaning less rugs and covers are needed.

During the summer, a horse can retreat towards the shade provided by the horse shelters, leading to less overheating, heat rashes and sunburn on horses with pink skin and white markings. Simply speaking, they are often a horse or pony owner's best ally and therefore are worthy of considering when deciding how an equine is going to be kept and what buildings are necessary to keep them cosy.

There are a number of kinds of timber field shelters, mobile shelters and mobile stables to pick from, based on the climate, budget as well as the terrain it will likely be built on. Probably the most popular choice is a pent roof horse field shelter, composed of three walls, a pitched roof, with one open side. The popularity with this particular choice is probably as a result of its simplicity and price advantages. They also come as mobile field shelters which is often handy when the structure has to be dragged around to various locations. Moving the shelter around aids in hygiene and is also useful if flooding does turn into a problem.

Tin Top Field Shelter Field Shelter on Wheels field Shelter in Somerset

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Mobile Field Shelter Check List

  • ✅ Mobile Shelters Usually Require No Planning Permission.
  • ✅ Custom Built Mobile Shelters Designed To Meet Your Precise Requirements
  • ✅ Portable Stables Can Be Moved For Convenience
  • ✅ Wooden Field Shelters On Timber Skids, Heavy Duty Steel Skids Or Wheels For Ease Of Transportation
  • ✅ Friendly, Down To Earth Advice & Assistance From Our Team Of Experts
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