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Timber Garages Manufactured Using Prefabricated Wooden Sections

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Our fantastic range of timber garages can be arranged in many different ways due to the convenience of the prefabricated timber sectional framework, allowing you the freedom to decide on exactly which configuration of 'prefab' wooden garage you require.

Garages to house one car or a prized vintage vehicle collection are artfully designed by our team of 'wooden garage experts' to protect your vehicles from the ravages of the weather and to showcase them to your neighbours.

Our bespoke timber garages can be manufactured to any sizes with a different variety of design possibilities. Our experts can help you with advices on designs of your wooden garages.

Some Manufacturers claim to offer more options for your wooden garages than any other. However, we believe, that because we build every timber sectional garage or prefab wooden garages to order it enables us to design it precisely to your needs.

Custom Built does not mean that it will be more expensive ... What you get for your money are quality wooden garages at very reasonable prices... so please feel free to contact one of our advisors to see what we can do for you ... today! Call us on 01935 891 195

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We can deliver our timber garages any where across the U.K. You may be able to consult with same people during the construction process of your wooden framed garage. You may also be able to visit during manufacture to view your building and our construction crew will be happy to assist you.

The Benefits of Timber Garages Over Garages Made of Concrete Or Steel

When constructing wooden garages, you have to take into account the location where you want the building to be, the measurements, and the layout or models. These issues are important for creating a far better match to your requirements. And if you are not that excellent in carpentry or developing one from scratch, you can always buy one of our wooden garage kits that already have all the materials and directions for building the garage. All you need to do is to study the directions and comply with them.

One great advantage of making use of timber garages is the longevity. Timber is very thermally efficient compared to concrete or metals. They will last for a long time, particularly if you have used treated timber cladding for constructing your garage. They are really strong and can stand up to harsh weather conditions - from snow and rain to extreme heat and strong winds.

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Another benefit is that wooden garages appear really organic around a lawn or garden setting. Of course, wood is a natural product, so it is only understandable why these types of garages appear really natural in any environment. It adds attractiveness to your house in comparison to steel and concrete garages which can sometimes be eyesores.

Wooden structures also have better insulation. Wood normally helps make the inside temperature warmer when the exterior climate is cold and cooler when the outside temperature is hot. Steel and concrete, on the other hand, only soak up the external temperature. So if it is cold, it would also be cold in your steel or concrete garage and if it is hot, it would also be stifling within.

Ex-Display Timber Garages

We do have some ex-display wooden garages available from time to time at reduced prices (if your quick) ... ex-display does not mean they are second-hand garages, they have been on display at various outlets around the country and have been brought back to our manufacturing facility for minor damage repairs & cleaning.

We are willing and able to adjust these ex-display timber garages to suit your needs because of their sectional timber frameworks ... give us a call or e-mail us to discuss current availablility.

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Talk to us and then we will be able to assist you with price and guidelines regarding ground works, layouts and planning.

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