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Garden Rooms, Workshops & Sheds In Richmond & Surroundings Areas...


Whether you live in Richmond-Upon-Thames, Surrey (or should we say Greater London), Richmond, South Yorkshire or Richmond, North Yorkshire makes little difference to the products and services we provide...

We supply a customizable range of Garden Offices, Wooden Garages, Timber Workshops, Wooden Stables, Summer Houses, Field Shelters, Garden Sheds etc., for the residents of Richmond as vast as the various counties that they reside in.

We don't just make Garden Offices for the Richmond area, we will Design, Manufacture, Supply & Install Garden Sheds, Heavy Duty Timber Workshops, Oak Framed Garages, Field Shelters, Stables, Summerhouses & Much More to precise standards and get them to your door anywhere within the UK.

Garden Offices In Richmond...

Garden Offices are designed on an individual basis, with comfort and practicality upmost in our minds. A garden office needs to be thoroughly insulated and wired up to ensure that a standard working environment can function. We also have options for skylights and solar panels so that the office can become partially self-sufficient.

A swift glance to the right of the page will give you a very good indication of the other types of garden buildings we offer in and around Richmond. In addition to this fairly comprehensive list we also manufacture Car Ports, Log Cabins, Dog Kennels, Chicken Huts, Bike Stores, and much, much more.

Corner Summer Houses are one of our most popular buildings due to their large storage capacity and space saving properties. Manufactured to high standards with durability they make a wonderful addition to any garden.

Custom Built does not mean that it will be more expensive ... What you get for your money is quality timber garden offices with customer service second to none, designed to meet your needs precisely ... so please feel free to contact one of our garden offices advisors to see what we can do for you ... today!


Garden Sheds In Richmond...

We design, manufacture, supply and install wooden sheds or metal sheds of all sizes in and around the Richmond Area. There are pros & cons to both types of shed with wooden sheds being more pleasing to the eye, having a higher thermal quotient and resistant to condensation, whilst metal sheds are very sturdy in larger sizes, can be utilized for more than one purpose with various cladding options and colours available. We recommend you speak to our experts to determine which type of shed will be most appropriate for your needs.

Timber Workshops In Richmond...

Timber Workshops can be manufactured in a myriad of differing sizes and combinations allowing you the freedom to decide exactly on which configuration of wooden workshop you require. Our Timber Workshops are extremely durable and sturdy and will withstand the test of time with a little annual maintenance. If constructed as a Garden Workshop they are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and blend in beautifully with their surroundings... Call us on 01935 891 195

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Garden Offices, Workshops & Sheds For Sale In Richmond

  • ✅ Quality Wooden Garden Rooms
  • ✅ Large Workshops To Small Sheds
  • ✅ Bike Sheds & Boat Sheds
  • ✅ Garden Offices & Studios
  • ✅ Pent & Apex Roofed Buildings
  • ✅ Corner Offices & Storage Sheds
  • ✅ Heavy Duty Construction
  • ✅ Security Conscious
  • ✅ Teenager Dens & Play Rooms
  • ✅ Garden Tractor Sheds & Mobile Sheds
  • ✅ Goods Sheds & Storage Sheds
  • ✅ Metal Sheds & Shelves for Sheds

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