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A wide range of great value options, for the building you want

Not only do we offer the same standard garden buildings that you would expect from any quality garden building supplier, but our 30+ years in the industry has given us the experience to make a wide range of non-standard garden buildings - so don't let convention be your limitation, tell us what you want from your building, not just what you think is standard.

A range of materials and styles

We can offer a variety of different types of timber, as well as metal, composites, or a combination of materials for your building, each with their own differences and advantages. We also work in a number of standard styles, as well as being able to create unique styles and unconventional buildings - be sure to take a look at our photo gallery for inspiration.

Making a garden room a garden home

There are standard options for garden rooms, such as insulation, electricity, lights, etc. but we go one step further, and can provide many non-standard options that our customers can think of - we've provided buildings with plumbing, under floor heating, conservatories, indoor second-floor balconies, and even a sliding roof for a garden-office-come-observatory. We can even combine our garden rooms with our other buildings, for example, you could have a building that's part-horse-stable part-office, a garden-room/workshop, or even a car garage with a small office at the back or on the roof.

Quick and convenient installation

There's no need to worry about your garden turning into a building site for a month, we construct your building in our workshops in modular panels, which can then be easily transported to your location, and assembled into a finished building in a matter of hours for some buildings.

Other benefits

There are numerous benefits to having a garden room, here are some of our favourites It creates a private space to 'get away from it all', and focus on your work or yourself. It can add value to your home. It can give a new look to a garden of any size.

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Timber Garden Offices Check List

  • ✅ Modern wooden garden offices ensure you stay warm, dry & cosy during the colder months and cooler during the summer
  • ✅ Lessen the hassle of the daily drive to work and slip into your garden office to carry out your daily work duties
  • ✅ Timber Garden Offices / Rooms can add value to your home
  • ✅ Prefabricated Wooden Garden Offices For Ease Of Assembly & Construction
  • ✅ Friendly, Down To Earth Advice & Assistance From Our Team Of Experts

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