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Wooden Packing Cases

The Difference Between Packing Cases & Packing Crates.
Effectively, packing cases are enclosed boxes normally made from plywood materials, however, depending on the item being transported can be clad in other materials. This type of case surrounds the packaged item completely and protects the contents from any exterior influence.

Packing Crates on the other hand are only sealed top & bottom with the sides being made up of a wooden exoskeleton allowing full inspection of the contents within. This type of crate is especially useful in the export of larger items where minimal disruption to the packed item is necessary. There is nothing worse than having to try and repackage a crate following a customs inspection.

We make our packing cases and packing crates both compliant and non-compliant to ISPM 15 dependant on whether the cases or crates need to be exported or not. In our eyes, why pay more for your packing cases & crates if you do not need to meet these stringent international import and export regulations.

Ease Of Use & Storage - packing cases can be built in virtually any size and shape and out of a variety of materials. However, we find that many of our clients need packing cases of uniform size with the added ability of being moved via fork lift. We discuss and design to your exact requirements so that you end up with the ideal packing scenario.

Customizable Design - Before you purchase any packing crates from Custom Timber Buildings, we will discuss your exact requirements and custom build any packing crate from the ground up. Because we are manufacturers of packing cases & packing crates we can add, remove or adjust anything that you need for your situation, whatever the request, we will try to fulfil your every desire to help you order the perfect enclosures to meet your needs!

We Deliver Summerhouses UK Nationwide.

With Summerhouses named from our local area such as Chard, Street, Taunton, Bridgwater, Minehead, Cheddar, Glastonbury, Bristol, Bath, Lyme Regis ... you would maybe think that we only serve the South West of the country, however, we do venture out of Somerset & Dorset and deliver UK Nationwide.

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Custom Packing Crates - The Benefits

  • Security Is Paramount!
  • Everyone that needs to be moving from one place to another, needs to know that the contents of their packing cases are secure from any potential damage. We ensure that the materials we use in our packing crates are of the highest quality and constructed in such a fashion as to give piece of mind to you and your valuables.
  • Keeping Dry & Cosy
  • We place an optional moisture repellent inner liner within our packing cases to ensure that the contents inside remain dry and cosy. This is especially critical with sensitive equipment and where water damage can ruin packaged possessions.

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