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Scats Countrystores - SCATS is an abbreviation of the Southern Counties Agricultural Trading Society. SCATS stocks a wide variety of products, including agricultural goods, equestrian products, smallholders equipment and products, pet foods and accessories, gardening tools and plants, country clothing, household products and much much more!

Custom Timber Buildings are proud to be suppliers of Garden Sheds, Stores, summerhouses & animal housing for the group and you can either see our products on display or collect a garden buildings brochure directly from a Scvats outlet.

Damage is inevitable whilst being displayed to the public. Kids have a lovely time swinging on doors and bashing and slamming windows whilst playing a game of hide and seek; while mum & dad are busy deciding which garden building is best for their garden.

Garden Centres & Garden Buildings Centres in particular love to rotate displays of garden sheds and we love to oblige them with new stock on a regular basis to keep their displays looking fresh, clean and inviting. These are our main source of ex-display garden sheds.

We are happy to offer these ex-display sheds for sale at reduced prices once full refurbishment has taken place. So, grab yourself an 'almost new' ex-display garden shed and nobody will know the difference ... Our Lorries make regular trips to and from the UK picking up and dropping off various ex-display sheds, garden buildings, workshops, garages, stables, summerhouses etc. across Europe, including, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria & Greece ... this may give you an indication of the scale of our business and why Custom Timber Buildings have so many refurbished garden sheds to offer. If we do not have the particular size, shape or configuration of ex-display sheds to suit your needs, then please ask our ex-display team to arrange for some custom modifications to be carried out on your behalf .. it doesn't cost more, it's because of the way in which we refurbish our buildings .. Ask us today !

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Ex-Display Sheds Check List

  • ✅ Willing To Increase, Remove, Add Or Adjust Almost Anything For Your ex-Display Garden Buildings
  • ✅ Ex-Display NOT Second-Hand
  • ✅ Quality Ex-Display Garden Sheds At Affordable Prices
  • ✅ Prefabricated Garden Sheds For Ease Of Assembly
  • ✅ Friendly, Down To Earth Advice & Assistance From Our Team Of Ex-Display Shed Experts

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