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From basic timber stables in standard sizes, to bespoke metal stables with all the trimming, we can, and have provided the people of Somerset with stables to suit their needs. Whether you need custom stable sizes to fit your circumstances or your pocket. We can make the exact stables for you.

Prefabricated stables are easy to assemble if you have a good grasp of DIY, although many of our clients prefer us to erect their horse stables on their behalf. Mobile horse stables are also available for sale, please see below for further details.

Stable Sizes

Our 'standard' stables come in the following sizes:
- 3m x 3.6m (approx. 9'10" x 11'9"),
- 3.6m x 3.6m (approx 11'9" x 11'9"),
- 4.2m x 4.2m (approx 13'9" x 13'9"),
But as we all know, horses don't all come in 'standard' sizes, so neither do out stables - because we don't just sell stables, we manufacture them too, we can make stables of just the right size to suit your needs

Bespoke Stables

We manufacture a wide variety of stables for sale in standard configurations, however, a majority of our clients require bespoke stables to suit their exact needs. A particular pitch of roof, skylights, tack rooms, feed rooms, veterinary facilities, extra wide doors, more windows, thached stables ... are just a few of the requests that we have taken over the years, the list is pretty much endless and we are happy to oblige. Why not give one of our stable experts a call and discuss your requirements today .. or click the email icon and drop us a line...

The Benefits of Timber Stables

What are some of the benefits of having timber stables?

• Shortened Construction Period which leads to shelter for your horses quicker.
• A higher thermal value (size for size) when compared to other forms of construction.
• Increased sound insulation, lessens the risk of sensitive horses being spooked.
• Reduced foundation costs due to the lighter structure of timber horse stables.
• Environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing.
• Warmer in the winter months, cooler in the summer.
• Give us a call today to discuss your exact requirements.

Horse Stable Somerset
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There are many advantages of prefabricated stables, firstly, prefabricated itself means to manufacture in advance. Many of the components of a particular stable can be assembled within our factory prior to being delivered and erected on site. This in itself cuts down on the costs of labour involved to supply fully finished timber stables.

Construction time is reduced and buildings finished sooner than conventional methods. On-site congestion is kept to a minimum whilst less waste is generated with prefabricated stables since we can re-cycle what would normally be discarded into other parts of the structure or into another prefabricated stable. We also have a greater influence on quality control in the factory than we would with on-site construction.

Mobile Horse Stables

Mobile stables are very convenient for many of our clients who wish to have the full functionality of regular static stables whilst taking advantage of the ability to move their stables from one location to another with the simple use of a 4x4 vehicle or tractor.

They are normally manufactured supported on skids. These can be heavy duty wooden skids or steel skids for greater structural strength whilst moving them to a new location within a field or from field to field. We have also on occassion been requested to make our horse stables mobile on wheels, which we are happy to provide if required..

Further information on mobile stables and mobile horse shelters can be found on our dedicated page... or why not talk to one of our experts today ... alternatively, please send us an email via the icon and request further information directly from us.

Stables in Somerset

With our head office near Yeovil, we know the south-west quite well, and have been all over Somerset, Bridgwater, Burnham on Sea, Cheddar, Crewkerne, Exmoor, Frome, Glastonbury, Minehead, Quantock, Shepton Mallet, Taunton, Watchet, Wellington, Wells, Weston Super Mare, and everywhere else inbetween.

Bespoke Horse Stables

Bespoke stables do not have to be more expensive than conventional alternatives. In our eyes, with a bespoke horse stable, you get exactly what you need with all the added trimmings that will make both yourself and your horse happy and comfortable with your new surroundings.

Please, call us on the number below or send us an e-mail and we will be more than happy to accommodate any addition or adjustment to your horse stable and make them bespoke!

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