Timber Building Supplies

Timber Building Supplies : Screws, Nails, Hinges, Skid Units and any other supplies in large or small quantity.

We are supplying best quality timber building components such as nails, screws, hinges and skid units in different sizes and shapes which are mostly used in timber building construction and assembly.


screwsScrews are most useful component for securing timbers together and hold them tightly with their large threads. There are many types of screws available in the market. We are supplying different types of screws which are suitable for wood working such as counter sunk, Round Headed, raised head, Slotted Drive, Philips head and pozi drive.


nailsNails are most useful part for bonding pieces of timber together or as a combination with adhesives even though they aren't great as being a securing technique on their own. We are supplying different types and sizes of most common nails used for wood working like Bullet Head, Weathertex, Flat head and Timber grip.


hinges Hinges are mainly used for doors and lids work. These are intended to be hinged on two parts of wood to make an opening and closing feature and they can support a large amount of weight too.

We supply best suitable hinges mostly used in wooden buildings like Butt Hinges, butterfly hinges, flush hinges, Tee hinges, Barrel hinges, Piano hinges and Concealed hinges.

Skid Units

skid unitsWe are supplying skid units for wooden buildings and equestrian buildings like stables, field shelters etc. We can deliver in all over UK and we are also able to supply in quantities from individual pieces to large volumes. Contact our customer care centre today for more details and prices.

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