Upon payment of a deposit a binding contract becomes effective. A deposit of 40% of the agreed invoice value is payable upon placement of a purchase order, unless otherwise specifically agreed. Deposits are non-refundable. Payment of balances must be received in cleared funds ten working days prior to scheduling of delivery to the UK or where the building is from stock held in the UK then payment of the balance must be in cleared funds ten working days prior to scheduling of delivery to the customer. For larger projects we may request interim payments upon demand. Only cash, a banker's draft or a building society draft, constitute cleared funds.


Please note, that fixings for securing the building down to any type of base are not supplied as standard, but can be supplied if required at an additional cost.


All quotations provided are valid for 30 days.


All buildings and materials remain the property of the company until such time as full payment, including the cost of erection where applicable, has been made to the company. In the event of non-payment, the customer shall allow free and unrestricted access to any agent or representative of the company, for the purposes of dismantling or removing any of the company's goods or property.



All the timbers used in our products are fit for their purpose. However, wood is a natural material, and by its very nature is hygroscopic. We therefore are unable to accept responsibility for shrinkage, loss of knots, cracking, splitting or distortion. Please note that the standard treatment we supply is a pre-treatment with limited waterproofing properties (Possible colour variation between panels). It is therefore necessary to treat the building with a suitable water proofer. As wood is a natural material, it can lead to some short and long term settling which means that windows, doors and associated mechanisms may need some adjustment from time to time to ensure their correct function. This may also occur as a result of settlement of bases and or changes in the moisture content due to seasonal variations. The responsibility for this adjustment lies with the purchaser. Whilst we take every effort to align boards in adjacent panels, we do not guarantee alignment as there will always be some degree or other of creep between panels. It should also be noted when moving mobile units that adjustments are likely to become necessary.


We regret that due to regional variations in Planning Regulations & Building Control we are unable to provide any advice, opinions or guidance with regard to Planning Regulations or Building Control. It is the express responsibility of the customer to ensure that both the building and the buildings intended use and situation of their building meets with any relevant Planning Regulations and or Building Control and that the customer obtains any permissions required. If the customer chooses not to seek planning permission or building regulations approval, they do so at their own risk. If you require your building to meet planning and or building regulations details of your specific requirements must be provided at the time of ordering including any drawings, specifications or structural reports that you wish us to comply with. In the absence of these we will accept the order on the understanding that you have chosen not to seek any permissions and proceed at your own risk. Drawings we provide are an outline drawing of the building only. (Not to scale) If you require us to supply architectural drawings or structural calculations for planning or building regulations approval an additional fee / charge will apply.


We reserve the right to make changes at any time to a published specification, and to modify or improve the design of any of our products, whenever adjudged pertinent. Errors in any documentation / invoicing, or in any verbal statement, will be corrected as necessary, without prior notice. The company shall accept no responsibility for any inaccuracy in drawings or specifications supplied by a customer.


A notional delivery charge is included in the selling price of all buildings. The implicit assumption within this cost structure is that delivery costs have been minimised by grouping together orders which are to be made in a locality within a reasonable time-span. A customer may, by prior agreement, reduce the delivery lead-time at any stage during the order, by consenting to the payment of an agreed express additional individual delivery charge, which shall be computed on the basis of the proximity of the customer's site to the company's offices. Whilst we make every effort to meet deliveries as planned, we cannot be held responsible for any delays outside of our control. Time for delivery shall not be of the essence unless previously agreed as such by us in writing.


In order to minimise arrival at the nominated location, customers are respectfully requested to forward a map to the company's offices, to arrive at least 7 days prior to the scheduled delivery date. We offer a kerbside delivery. Delivery will be effected as close as is safely and practically possible to the customer's chosen site. The load must be taken from the vehicle and stacked alongside so as not to delay the driver. If this will not be possible, the customer must notify Custom Timber Buildings Ltd prior to delivery in order that suitable alternative arrangements can be made. Additional charges will apply. Should safe access not be possible, the onus for effecting onward transportation to that site shall remain the customer's responsibility. Whilst every care will be taken upon delivery, Custom Timber Buildings Ltd cannot accept responsibility for any damage that may occur whilst attempting to gain access to a customer's premises with vehicles etc. for the purpose of delivering buildings / materials or associated tools and machinery for executing the work in hand. We schedule weeks and sometimes months ahead with our delivery / erecting schedules. Upon scheduling a delivery / erecting date with the customer, if the customer then needs to change the date we will do our best to accommodate you. However, there will inevitably be delays re scheduling whilst we complete the other work already booked in. Any items missing / short from the delivery must also be notified to the company within three days of delivery. Failure to notify the company within this time period will render any potential claim for compensation or restitution null and void.


Unless the building is to be erected by Custom Timber Buildings Ltd. the availability of fit and able person(s) to assist the driver in unloading the building, to the curtilage of the customer's property, is implicit in this agreement. Whilst our drivers will be willing to assist, any extended carrying of sections (over 10 meters from the vehicle) is chargeable at cost.


The company accepts no responsibility for faults attributable to inadequate foundations. Prices for erecting are based on the assumption that the lorry can be unloaded alongside the base and carried over firm level ground. If it is necessary to carry the panels further than 10 metres, additional charges will apply for the additional time taken. It is the onus of the customer to ensure that there are no restrictions / obstacles preventing the building being transported safely to site e.g. doorways, arches/height restrictions, steps, walls, fences, etc. The site must be clear of obstructions e.g. walls, bushes etc. We must have a minimum of 1 clear metre of firm and level space around every side of the building to allow safe access and use of ladders or scaffolding as required. If we have less than 1 metre clear space additional charges will apply. It is the responsibility of the customer to provide details of the site / access restrictions prior to our arrival on site so we may make the necessary arrangements in order to minimise where possible, any additional cost chargeable. Any alterations or delays will be charged at £39 per hour plus vat and materials.

When the company undertakes to erect a building at a client location, it is herein agreed that the price so quoted and agreed is based upon the site being a firm and level base without slope or undulation, of accurate dimensions, and of a nature suitable for the type of building to be erected. The company accepts no responsibility for faults attributable to inadequate foundations. Fixing down of buildings (securing to the ground of mobile buildings) against the weather is the customer's responsibility unless it is an express term of the contact and detailed on the order confirmation and specification. The customer shall ensure availability of 240 volt, 13 amp power supply on-site. Should any further preparation be required upon arrival, or any delay or re-delivery ensue, directly or indirectly as a result of failure to provide these facilities and conditions, extended delivery and/or erection time is chargeable at the hourly rate of £39 plus vat per person. Any re-delivery necessitated through no fault of the company is also chargeable at cost + £39 plus vat per hour per additional person. The cost of erecting is calculated on the assumption that if necessary the team with work into the evenings. If this is not possible due to noise / access restrictions for example, then the Company reserves the right to also charge for any additional overnight accommodation required and or fuel costs. For all the aforementioned circumstances the Company reserves the right to charge for overnight accommodation / additional fuel costs incurred.

On the day of completion, you need to be available or have an appointed representative available to walk around the building with our team and sign off the job as completed to the required standard. If you or your representative are not available, we will have no option but to leave site and regard the job as completed to your full satisfaction. In doing so you waive your right to any remedial work / snagging that you may feel is necessary that could have been carried out whilst our team were still on site. We are unfortunately unable to return to carry out minor rectification work. This must be attended to at the time of erecting. This, however, does not affect your statutory rights.


Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus we regret that this will affect our delivery / erecting timeframes. We may suffer delays and restrictions on movement of goods and a reduction in staff numbers due to self-quarantining. All of which will impact our ability to meet any previously stated delivery timeframes. We will endeavour to deliver / erect orders as quickly as possible, however times will be extended as a result and it may not be possible to provide definitive information relating to your order during this period of uncertainty.


All our buildings are sectional / modular which we define as being made up of panels / sections and individual walls, sides, roofs or floors may be sub divided and made from more than one panel / section at our discretion. These are supplied in flat pack form. Please note, most of our buildings are supplied with transit blocks on the bottom of the wall panels. These transit blocks must be removed prior to erecting yourbuilding.


Loss or breakage arising during the course of delivery must be notified to the company's offices within three days. Failure to notify the company within this time period will render any potential claim for compensation or restitution null and void.


In an effort to minimize prices, it is necessary to use all of the roll of felt. However, if you require continuous lengths of felt, maximum 10 meters, which is the maximum roll length, please ask for a price and we will provide you with a quote. This will then be added as an item detailed separately in your building confirmation. If you want your felt to be glued, which is what we recommend, please enquire for a price which would be detailed separately in the building confirmation. Otherwise when we erect your building the felt will be fixed with a row of nails to the top and bottom of each strip of felt. On rare occasions, as a result in changes in weather patterns, wind driven rain may migrate between layers of roofing felt. We can only guarantee water tightness if you are prepared to pay for the felt to be glued upon erection. However, it is not possible to guarantee against damage and or water ingress as a result of storms or other acts of God.


With regard to skid units and trailers, these are designed for use on firm level ground at speeds no greater than walking pace. It may cause damage to move the unit when the ground is soft or uneven. Moving it on soft/uneven ground is at customer's discretion and risk. Timber skid units are sold on the understanding that should the wooden base frame be used by the customer to move the building, it is done so at the customers own risk. Should the customer require to move the shelter on a regular basis we strongly advise the purchase of our steel skid unit or for greater mobility our wheeled version.


Alterations, modifications or replacements requested by the customer after delivery has been effected, will only be instituted when agreed to in writing by the company. The agreement to effect such variations shall in no manner entitle the customer to delay payment.


Immediately a building becomes the customer's property, by virtue of payment being effected in full to the company. The customer should ensure that adequate insurance cover is in place. The company accepts no responsibility for any loss incurred as a result of accident, storm damage or otherwise, howsoever caused.


This contract provides the right to the company, duly respecting the rights of privacy and access to the customer's land and property, at the time of delivery or erection, to take photographs of the building for records and promotional purposes.


Should a customer wish to terminate an agreement, notice in writing must be given, delivered to the company's offices. A full deposit refund will be made where no work has commenced on the order at the time of notification. However, a charge will be levied to cover the administrative costs incurred up to the point of cancellation. Where work has commenced, and the building has been partially manufactured, all costs incurred up to the time of cancellation will be deducted from the deposit, if the costs exceed the deposit the company reserve the right to invoice the customer and recover the cost of all work to the point of cancellation. The company reserves the right to claim the full balance outstanding where cancellation occurs at or near to the point of completion of the order. Should a customer wish to terminate an agreement/order for a bespoke building, in addition to the charges that will be levied as detailed here, the customer agrees to pay for any consequential losses to Custom Timber Buildings including but not limited to, loss of work whilst Custom Timber Buildings fulfils the customers contract, loss of revenue, additional labour costs incurred to fulfil customers order, costs relating to loss of manufacturing time. Where applicable, under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, you have the right to cancel you order up until fourteen days after the date of delivery, but the cost of the return of the goods, undamaged to ourselves, is at the customers' expense. If the goods are faulty when received, we will arrange collection at our expense.


If you are unable to accept delivery on the date offered, we reserve the right to charge for additional storage of building or building components, depending on the storage space and length of storage. Additionally, we regret we cannot guarantee the condition of your building while in storage, but will endeavour to minimize deterioration where possible.


Please note that the roof rails and if applicable trusses/truss braces, will be lower than the eaves height of your building, resulting in reduced headroom in some areas of your building. If you have any doubt about the suitability for your intended use, please do not hesitate to contact us for clarification.


Custom Timber Buildings Ltd, Bracketts Farm, Higher Halstock Leigh, Yeovil, Somerset, BA22 9QX


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