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Timber Houses | Timber Frame Houses UK

Bespoke Timber Frame Houses Manufactured Using Prefabricated Timber Frame Sections

Timber Frame Houses

Timber Frame Houses are precision engineered structures that are incredibly strong and durable. Timber houses can be very thermally efficient is providing homes that are very comfortable and require less energy to heat during the colder months.

These wooden houses allow for a great deal of flexibility in the overall design of the house both internally and externally along with any future modifications or expansion. Our wooden houses are energy efficient and environment friendly that gives you a blend of comfort, spacious and luxury.

Our Timber houses are manufactured to exacting standards ensuring that walls are upright and flat whilst internal room structures are square. This ensures that decorating and the installation of fitted furniture and carpets becomes a breeze. These timber houses can also be customised to your requirements, specification, design and floor plans for different uses. Our timber frame buildings include log cabins, mobile log homes, wooden park homes, timber caravans, pool houses, garden cabins, commercial wooden buildings, timber classrooms, wooden pavilions, timber frame chalets and many more.

Custom Built timber houses do not need to be more expensive ... What you get for your money are quality timber houses at realistic prices, so please feel free to contact one of our bespoke timber houses advisors to see what we can do for you today! Call us on 01935 891 195

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Quality Timber Houses Check List

  • ✅ Timber Frame Houses Made Using Prefabricated Timber Sectional Frames For Ease Of Assembly
  • ✅ Custom Built Wooden Houses Designed To Meet Your Precise Requirements
  • ✅ Quality wooden Houses At Affordable Prices
  • ✅ Flexible Construction Method Allowing For Future Expansion
  • ✅ High Levels Of Insulation For Warm, Comfortable Homes

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