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Sports and classic car storage

High quality storage buildings for your high quality vehicles

garage interior

We realise that not all vehicles are made equal, so neither are our garages.
Not only do we make any size you would need (from a small garage to house a prized motorcycle, to a building large enough to hold an entire collection of classic cars), and offer a choice of high quality woods (such as Cedar, Larch, Ipe, Oak, and more) alongside out standard range of softwoods.
We can also provide a range of security, convenience, and comfort features for your garage.

Just some of the options we've delivered to previous customers

We know that some cars need more love and attention than others, and here are just a few of the special features that we've provided on previous buildings:
  • :: Air conditioning units - to ensure the perfect air humidity level for classic car storage
  • :: Full length wall mirrors - for better lighting and view of vehicles
  • :: Oil-resistant marble flooring - wont stain from oil drips
  • :: Electricity and lighting
  • :: Heating and insulation
  • :: Under floor heating
  • :: Extra security features
  • :: Double glazing and triple glazing
If you have any other requirements for your garage, please don't hesitate to phone us today.

Wooden Workshops Weymouth
IPE clad garage
Wooden Garage

Timber garage vs concrete, brick, or metal

At first glance, it may seem like wood may not be a good choice to build a garage from - but with over 30 years of experience behind us, we can assure you that not only is it a good choice, it's a great choice.
Unlike a brick garage, which will need to be constructed on site over many weeks, we can create modular wooden panels in our workshops, then deliver and erect your building in a single day.
Wood also has better insulative properties than most other building materials, but not only that, it can also breathe: when combined with a breather-lining, it allows moisture to flow out of the building, not in, unlike non-breathing materials which trap moisture in.
We also feel that a great quality wooden building naturally look so much better than plain brick, concrete, or metal.
Just remember that the whole wall section has the ability to breathe, not just a few vents.

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