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Wooden School Buildings | School Sports Pavilions

School Buildings: New or Replacement Wooden Buildings

Wooden School Buildings

Building a school is not like building a house or an office building. A school needs to have classrooms with huge windows, so that students can get enough light inside. The stairs need to be less steep than in regular buildings, in order to allow little children to climb them easily. The lighting systems in a school need to be more efficient than in residential projects, because all children in a classroom need to receive the perfect amount of light on their desk, regardless their position in the classroom.

All these considerations make school buildings a separate niche within the construction industry. This also makes it complicated to choose a builder for a school.

If you want to build it very fast, you can use prefabricated modules. We have many attractive designs. At Custom Timber Buildings Limited, these modules are fairly inexpensive. Even if you don't intend to buy from us, it's still a good idea to make a few inquiries just to see what the prices are for what kind of quality.

Anyway, if you want to use local workforce and materials, the best way is to send an enquiry to or make a call on 01935 891 195 and our customer care team will be happy to help you.

If you are picking a winner after you have received your offers from other manufacturers, your decision shouldn't be based solely on costs. You need to take into consideration other factors such as the time of execution and the experience of the builder with school buildings. You also need to ask for references and get in touch with other customers. Perhaps it's a good idea to come and visit us by taking an appointment to see our works during the construction itself. To do repairs to a building while children are having lessons obviously is not practical. This is why it's better to choose wisely from the very beginning and have a smooth project with a perfect result: a good, high quality school building for your community. Such a building should last for many years, therefore quality is the main priority when taking a decision.

Wooden Class Rooms

At Custom Timber buildings, we have years of experience of constructing a large number of timber buildings for organisations. We have state-of-the-art design ideas and modern technology to make sustainable timber buildings. All our wooden buildings are made with environmental focus. Our school building range includes timber classrooms, timber nursery buildings, sports buildings, changing rooms, school pavilions, sports pavilions, rugby pavilions, football pavilions, equipment storage, bicycle storage, educational log cabins, swimming pool covers, wooden cricket pavilions and many other bespoke wooden buildings as per your requirements and needs.

Please call our timber school building experts for our very best prices on new or replacement wooden buildings.
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Timber School Buildings
Sports Buildings
Timber Class Rooms

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