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Wooden Crates | Wooden Packing Crates

Wooden Crates For Safe Shipping Of Your Valued Possessions

Wooden Packing Cases

UK Manufactured Wooden Packing Crates ... Open Slatted Wooden Crates
These types of crates are ideal for packing scenarios where you do not need full protection for the goods contained within.

Benefits include a 'less heavy' product, the ability to survey the contents within without the necessity to open crates (ideal for custom controls), adequate protection for the small to medium sizes package, lower costs (less wood) and suitable for both domestic and export shipping. The extent of slatting for these wood crates is dependent on the amount of protection required, please talk to our packing crate experts for further details and recommendations.

Plywood Crates
We supply a range of plywood crates and boxes to customers across the UK & Europe. These plywood crates are designed to maximize strength, product protection and easy handling.

Being a custom timber company we mainly build our plywood boxes in a bespoke fashion, choosing to satisfy individual needs rather than a standard range. However, we do make standard, unified sizes when the situation arises where the plywood crates need to be stacked neatly for storage purposes.

Additionally, our plywood crates can be certified for the shipment of dangerous goods and customised accordingly for a variety of applications. These plywood crates have good stacking capability and are suitable for items of any reasonable size, sensitive shipments and expensive goods. All plywood products are approved under phytosanitary regulations set by the IPPC.

Wooden Crates (enclosed)
Fully enclosed wood crates give the maximum amount of protection when shipping goods. On a daily basis goods are shipped across the UK, Europe & Worldwide where packing cases of various description are required to keep the goods in tip top condition. We make our wooden crates both compliant and non-compliant to ISPM 15 dependant on whether the crates need to be exported or not. In our eyes, why pay more for your packing cases & crates if you do not need to meet international import and export regulations.

Customizable Design
Before you purchase any packing crates from Custom Timber Buildings, we will discuss your exact requirements, and custom build any packing crate from the ground up. Because we are manufacturers of packing cases & packing crates we can add, remove or adjust anything that you need for your situation, whatever the request, we will try to fulfil your every desire to help you order the perfect enclosures to meet your needs!

Packing Crates
Wooden Packing Boxes
Wooden Slatted-Crates

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