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We always strive to offer each individual customer the best value for money that we can, which is why we prefer to hear what you want from you, so we can tailor a building and price that's right for you, rather than having a fixed list of prices for run-of-the-mill buildings that wont completely fit your needs.

  • Include the following in your message where possible -the more information you can give use about your building's requirements, the better we can tailor a quote for your needs.:
  • Size or space - e.g. 6ft x 8ft, 4m x 4m
  • Usage - e.g. classic car storage, potting shed
  • Standard options - e.g. double glazing, double doors, insulation, guttering, lighting, etc.
  • Non-standard options - even if you're not sure we can provide an option, please ask, we have provided many non-standard options in previous buildings, such as sliding-roof, underfloor heating, mirrored walls, and much more.
  • Photo gallery reference - if applicable; i.e. if you like buildings from our gallery, please state their number; e.g. B18, J15

  • Uploads
  • Drawings - If you have any drawings of your desired building, please attach them
  • Photos - A photo of the intended location of your building can be helpful, so we can advise on, or price for, any groundwork or basing.

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