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Storage Sheds Custom Made - A Bespoke Storage Shed To Suit Your Needs ...

Storage Shed

Custom made storage sheds and bespoke sheds that suit your precise needs are what we live for. Whether you need a custom size shed to fit your bicycle, motorbike, mobility scooter, garden tractor, lawn mower or just your garden tools we can make the exact storage shed for you. Schools often need more storage space for equipment and we are here to provide the solution to your storage needs.

Storage Sheds For Bicycles

Bicycles, racing bikes, mountain bikes etc. can be very expensive items these days and they need as much protection from the weather as any other high priced metallic object. Theft of bikes has also increased dramatically in recent years and security conscious storage sheds for bicycles is always paramount in our minds.

Storage Sheds For Motorbikes

Motorcycle garages are an effective way of protecting your valuable motorbikes from vandalism, theft and the weather. Custom made timber storage sheds for motorcycles give you an unique advantage over many other types of cover / anti-theft devices in that they are built to suit your needs precisely. Theunique nature of wood will keep you warmer if you need to work on your bike, allow the space to 'breathe' naturally and has a reduced risk of condensation build up compared to metal motorbike sheds, meaning less moisture and risk of corrosion to your valued two-wheeled mean machine.

Bicycle Storage

Mobility Scooter Storage Sheds

Finding the exact storage sheds for mobility scooters while taking into account your particular disability and your model of scooter can be a real headache. So, we take the pain out of choosing and replace it with a custom solution to the storage of your mobility scooter. Give us a call today to discuss your exact requirements.

Storage Sheds for Lawn Mowers

Garden Tractors, Ride-On Mowers and Lawn Mowers need protection from the elements to keep them in tip top working condition and as mentioned earlier security of your gardening assets is as important as any other high value item around your home. This is where custom made storage sheds for lawn mowers comes into its own.

You may not have enough room in your garden for a full sized shed to store your lawn mower and as regards trying to park a ride-on mower or garden tractor in a standard garden shed, well; you can just about forget it! ... Storage covers may have their uses, but in all honesty they do not cater for all the associated extras that come along with owning a lawn mower.

Extension cables, petrol cans, funnels, spare parts etc. all take up space and these are just a few reasons why a custom storage shed is always preferable. Give us a call today and discuss exactly what you need as regards storage sheds for lawn mowers.

Timber Storage Unit

Storage Sheds For Garden Tools

Spades, Forks, Rakes, Strimmers, Shears to name but a few soon gather round your garden looking for a home, rather than being left outside to seize-up and rot causing yet more expense and probably a very stern look from a spouse or loved one while you try and explain...

We manufacture custom made storage sheds for garden tools that suit your particular need, available space or pocket whilst adding to the security of your much loved gardening tools.

Bespoke Storage Sheds do not mean that they need to be more expensive... What you get for your money are quality custom made storage solutions and customer service second to none, designed to meet your needs precisely... so please feel free to contact one of our storage shed advisors to see what we can do for you... today!

Storage Sheds For Schools

Schools often need extra storage space for play or gym equipment and even for additional sundries such as chairs, books or even paper and painting materials. We custom build storage sheds for schools with additional parameters such as shelving, extra wide doors and crucially security enhanced windows and door locks.

Storage Units
Wooden Storages
Timber Storage Units

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