Build A Wooden Workshop in The UK - The Easy Way

Build A Wooden Workshop Without All The Headaches!

How to Build a garage

The Easy Way to build a workshop is to not have to gather all the necessary materials, cut them to size, build all the framework, build a compliant roof, attach all the outer cladding, get on the roof and cover it ... and that doesn't even mention the all-important, necessary, ground preparation !

Going the DIY route to build a workshop can take a long time before you have your finished building. This is where we step in and take away the headaches of preparing a suitable workshop. We manufacture Timber Workshops that can be arranged in many different ways due to the prefabricated sectional framework, allowing you the freedom to get on with the important job of ground preparation.

We sell sectional timber workshops to suit either the keen hobbyist or the larger workshop based business employing several people. Timber Workshops also provide a great deal of insulation from the weather keeping you cooler in the summer months and dry and cosy during the winter.

workshop inside

Ex-Display Timber Workshops For Sale We do have some ex-display workshops available from time to time at reduced prices (if your quick) ... ex-display does not mean they are second-hand workshops, they have been on display at various outlets around the country and have been brought back to our manufacturing facility for minor damage repairs & cleaning. We are willing and able to adjust these ex-display workshop models to suit your needs because of their sectional timber frameworks ... give us a call or e-mail us to discuss current availability.

Large Timber Workshops

You can choose from our different varieties of workshops in different specifications that suits to your surroundings and requirements. All of our timber workshops are ensuring secure and safe standards. These workshops can be delivered anywhere in the UK.

Wooden Garage Workshops

You may be interested in our range of timber workshops that incorporates a garage / carport more here

If you need more details about our large wooden workshops you are always welcome to contact us over the phone or email. You will be helped with our experts.

Wooden Workshops Weymouth
20x10 wooden workshop
Timber Workshop Blandford

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Building A Workshop Check List

  • ✅ Build The Workshop Onto Level Ground
  • ✅ Use Either A Concrete Slab, Wooden Frame, Block or Brick Surround To Make Things Level
  • ✅ Place Your Wooden Floor Onto The Base If You Are Installing One
  • ✅ Attach One Apex End To A Side Wall To Begin The Assembly Process. DO NOT FIX TO THE FLOOR
  • ✅ Attach Other Walls With Clamps Initially, Until Other Apex End Is Upright And Pinned To Walls
  • ✅ Square Off All Corners, Straighten Walls & Secure
  • ✅ Lift Roof Into Position And Secure
  • ✅ Attach Walls To Floor
  • ✅ Cover Roof In Suitable Materials
  • ✅ Attach Barge Boards, Fit Door
  • ✅ Stand Back And Admire!

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