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Quality Workshops For Sale

Whether you need something a bit more heavy duty than a garden shed, or require a fully bespoke industrial building for your business, we can build a workshop for you. Our standard heavy duty workshop range is based on the same specifications as our equestrian buildings, but if you require something that can withstand more than half a ton of horse, we can produce a building to your requirements.

As with all our buildings, you can customise as much or as little as you want - weather it's something simple (like the size, cladding, or roofing), or something more complex, (like an odd shaped building, or movable walls/roof). We having build workshops for all manner of people over the years, from DIY enthusiats and weekedn hobbyists, to large bespoke buildings for the industrial sector, and we can use that wealth of knowledge and experience to get the right building for you. And remember, it's not just timber workshops we can provide, but we can also make metal workshop, composite workshops, and more.

The first step to building the workshop that's right for you, is get in contact with our team of experts, by call us on 01935 891195, or using the contact form on the contact page. But if you need a bit of inspiration before you call, or you're not sure exactly what you need, you can check out some examples of our previous work, in the workshop photo gallery.

Wooden Workshops

Our Timber Workshops are very sturdy and durable and withstand the test of time. If constructed as a Garden Workshop they are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and blend in beautifully with their surroundings.

Wooden workshops can be arranged in many different ways due to the convenience of the prefabricated timber sectional framework, allowing you the freedom to decide exactly on which configuration of wooden workshop you require.

We sell sectional workshops to suit either the keen hobbyist or the larger workshop based business employing several people. Timber Workshops also provide a great deal of insulation from the weather keeping you cooler in the summer months and dry and cosy during the winter.

Some Garden Workshop Manufacturers claim to offer more options for your wooden workshops than any other. However, we believe, that because we build all our sectional workshops or 'garden workshops' to order it enables us to design it precisely to your needs.

Custom Built does not mean that it will be more expensive ... What you get for your money are quality wooden workshops and customer service second to none ... so please feel free to contact one of our workshops advisors to see what we can do for you ... today !

Ex-Display Wooden Workshops For Sale

We do have some ex-display wooden workshops available from time to time at reduced prices (if your quick) ... ex-display does not mean they are second-hand wooden workshops, they have been on display at various outlets around the country and have been brought back to our manufacturing facility for minor damage repairs & cleaning.

We are willing and able to adjust these ex-display workshop models to suit your needs because of their sectional timber frameworks ... give us a call or e-mail us to discuss current availability.

Wooden Garage Workshops

You may be interested in our range of workshops that incorporates a garage / carport ... read more here

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